Islamic Commercial Contractual Law Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Islamic Commercial Contractual Law Between Muslims and Non-Muslims



This book is an investigation into the Islamic rules and principles that govern commercial contracts between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is an analytical study of primarily the four Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence along with other classical jurists belonging to the formative period to the 1800s, and complimented by contemporary juristic views. This book is a new and exciting investigation into a subject of manifest pertinence to Muslim lives, the field of knowledge and academia. It revisited the rules of commercial contracts with particular reference to non-Muslims and challenged some of the laws considered to be essentially integral to the validity of a contract in Islamic law. It not only proved that some of the contractual rules have been rendered impractical but also provides alternatives within the framework of Islamic law to replace those archaic rules. The research dynamics was based on being candid even though it went against the grain or the status quo.






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Islamic Commercial Contractual Law Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

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